Testimonial - Grainne Foley
May 23, 2020
"I have been involved in the online industry for several years and have attended my share of online learning courses. I have to say that in my experience, there's nothing that comes close to Michelle’s course. 

I was familiar with Michelle and had often visited her website simply for inspiration as I worked again and again to “re-tweak” mine. (We’ve all been there) I was skeptical about taking another online course, but her obvious skill and a few short conversations had me believing that I could learn a thing or two from “Virtual Miss Friday.” 

I had no idea! 

Once you begin you'll realize very quickly that you're on a whole different plane - this is no ordinary learning experience. The depth of knowledge within Michelle’s team and understanding about the online world and the difficulties in becoming successful is simply astounding. Michelle’s ability to partner with you in defining a path for your business - well, I just can’t say enough. 

I have met and worked with a number of “guru’s” in the past, but until now I have never found someone who truly 'walks the talk' like Michelle does and I happily and wholeheartedly recommend her service to anyone who's starting out, or who hasn't yet seen the success that they feel they deserve. 

As I get ready to launch my website - custom designed by these wildly talented people - I'm filled with an enthusiasm that I haven’t felt in years. 

Michelle, thank you, thank you, thank you for being my instructor, mentor and friend... I am sincerely in your debt!"
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