Testimonial - Fanta Tikole
May 23, 2020
"The moment that changed my life… 

First off, words can’t even begin to express how much I have benefited from this program. The VA Apprentice Now 1nSourcing™ (Strategy & Training)  far exceeded my expectations. Michelle, you have been a phenomenal mentor to me and I can’t express how thankful and grateful I am to have found you! 

I started off as an aspiring Virtual Assistant searching for ways I could establish my own business, however it was very daunting trying to accomplish this. Where to go? How to do this? What to do? So much to sort through it felt intimidating, but I was very passionate about becoming a VA, so I continued to trod forth. I just remember literally praying and saying, “I’m not sure where to go, just please put me where I need to be and with who I need to be with.” I knew that I wanted to learn from the best and really wanted “hands on” mentorship. 

Then I came across Michelle. I found her website while looking at different VA sites for inspiration and said to myself... “This is how it’s done!” I then started following her blog and read literally every post and watched every video. Right then and there I knew that she really had her stuff together! Such a wealth of information. 

I think just a short week or two from me knowing about Michelle is when she rolled out the opportunity of a lifetime for me. That was her VA Apprentice Program. She said that for 5 lucky people she'd present them with the program free of charge! Well I never, ever win anything but I said to myself it couldn’t hurt to apply, right? I said I would just speak from the heart and send off my application. Yes, I said a prayer and there it went. To my amazement I was chosen as one of the lucky winners!!!! That was the moment that changed my life!!! I screamed, shouted and jumped up and down. It was an amazing feeling because I knew this was what I had been waiting for. Almost surreal! 

Michelle has been such a blessing to me and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity. This training is unique because it's so hands on, in depth and content rich to the maximum! I recommend this wonderful program to newbies or anyone more seasoned looking to really be set-up to have a successful 6 figure business. From top to bottom, she left no stone left unturned. She always gave honest feedback and constructive criticism when needed and I appreciate her realness and honestly. She truly cares about those she mentors and it radiates through and through. 

I now have the tools, resources, support and confidence I need to be a successful Virtual Assistant and have a 6 figure business. This program taught me in a few months, what would have taken me a few years to learn and that's the pure unadulterated truth. The information in this program is something that I will continue to refer back to for the life of my business. 

I could never repay Michelle for all that she's done for me and I will always sing her praises because they are well deserved. I am so blessed to have Michelle as my mentor and I know that I have a solid foundation with her that will continue to flourish. I respect her as a great businesswoman and look forward to learning more and more from her. I'm also blessed to have met some other awesome members and truly cherish my new VA family! I have found my home and am proud to be a lifelong member. 

Thank you Michelle and I pray for continual success for you in everything that you do!"
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