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Service Agreement

International Business Corporation: VMF LTD. Co. Registration No. 86,227
Registered Office: #1 Mapp Street, Belize City, Belize.

Thank you very much for considering our services. Upon review of our service agreement you'll quickly note that the entirety of the agreement, with the exception of (1) point is completely in "plain English" and the reason for this is simple. 

To begin, an agreement which is easily understood by both parties (and doesn't require a contract lawyer to decipher) rarely creates a problem for the individuals involved. However, there is (1) area that's particularly important to read carefully and this is the Indemnity section, which essentially says that should you engage our services you aren't going to take VMF LTD to court over any of the terms stated. 

We aren't going to be held liable for ensuring "perfect" website uptime, data security or service provision. So, although we do our very best to ensure the VMF LTD websites (VMF Office, VMF Support, VirtualMissFriday.com and so on) are always 'live' - we cannot guarantee this. 

Nor can we guarantee that your data will be 100% secure - we use (Passpack) which is encrypted for our login records and sharing via our own "in house" team and sometimes share individual logins via Gmail for speed, meaning a username on one service / password on another other - for example Skype, in quick succession at times to keep information separate and anonymous and therefore reasonably secure. We also provide an Online Collaboration Facility (ActiveCollab) and use (Zendesk) for Ticketed Support, both of which are hosted in the cloud, are updated regularly by these organisations and are about as secure as you can get online. However it's essential to make clear that although we maintain a very strong 'chain' so to speak in all aspects of our work together and within the systems / technology we employ, a 'weakest link' is possible in any evolving scenario, especially online.

And finally, we will always endeavour to serve you to the best of our ability as individuals and as a team - but we aren't perfect. We are human and can make mistakes - not often by any means, but they do happen and this is precisely why engaging our services has to be on the basis of mutual respect (and trust). Furthermore as you're probably well aware, we have a long track record of excellence and this is clearly displayed by our client praise and member praise on www.VirtualMissFriday.com

* In our more than 10 years of operation, we have never experienced a situation requiring any kind of legal action and don't ever intend to - therefore, the bit of "legalese" is within to ensure an absence of issues, for both parties. We hope the above addresses any concerns you may have. Of course, if you have any questions about anything else, please don't hesitate to ask and we'd be more than happy to explain further - Thank You!

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