1nSourcing™ Business is the online business growth model designed for business owners looking to have more structure or develop from scratch their own digital product business using a tried, tested and proven method they can systematically use to develop their business. This provides not only the solid techniques and strategies used by successful online entrepreneurs, it's designed specially with the entire operational 'back end' in mind as well, including the logistics of how the business can be operated. The plan and model can be tailored to any type of systems, or industry making it a completely solid and 'whole' solution to hit the ground running.

The PDF Blueprint for this Business Model is available for download at the end of the video.

THE Overview


Module 1

1.1 PLAN A blueprint for your digital product business. 1.2 BUILD The mechanics of the business. 1.3 LEADS Creating a community of potential customers and clients. 1.4 LAUNCH Generating income from the first launch. 1.5 GROWTH Introduction of higher ticket products and services.

Module 2

2.1 COLLEAGUES Ensuring your message is unique. 2.2 AUDIENCE Who you'll market your products to. 2.3 CONCEPT Creating your 'method'. 2.4 BRAND How you'll present your message and method. 2.5 BASE Telling your story.

Module 3

3.1 WEBSITE Systems you'll need for a robust website. 3.2 MARKETING Systems you'll need for effective marketing. 3.3 EMAIL Systems you'll need for efficient customer support. 3.4 CRM Systems you'll need for detailed record keeping. 3.5 DEVELOPMENT Systems you'll need to grow the business.

Module 4

4.1 FUNNEL How the income strategy works. 4.2 ASSETS Key pages and details to put in place. 4.3 KICK OFF Earn your first recurring income. 4.4 UPSELL Growing and increasing your income. 4.5 BIG PICTURE How to keep momentum going.

Module 5

5.1 BUDGETING Paying for your virtual team and other expenses. 5.2 TIMESCALES How long this will take. 5.3 ROLES What type of VAs you'll need helping you. 5.4 RETAINERS Hiring for long term gains. 5.5 LOCATING Finding the best support from where you're at.

Module 6

6.1 CUSTOMER SUPPORT Expectations and best practices on customer support. 6.2 EMAIL MARKETING Expectations and best practises on email marketing. 6.3 SOCIAL MEDIA Expectations and best practises on Social Media Marketing. 6.4 LAUNCHES Expectations and best practises for future launches. 6.5 MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT Expectations and best practises for your members and other customers.
"Michelle has now helped 1000’s (yes 1000’s) of VA’s reach their true potential through her online programs and mentorship. She has affected so many people's lives in more ways than just business.”
“I have a thriving VA business, my husband gave up his full-time job and we traveled across Europe and moved countries (with kids).”
"It has been an honor and an absolute pleasure having Michelle as my Mentor - There is absolutely no one else I would go to. If you are an aspiring VA or even a seasoned VA and just need that little more, then I’d say this to you… Take that leap of faith and JUMP…"
“Michelle, as a Mentor, will surpass your expectations. She goes above and beyond as far as support goes. All her programs are designed with YOU in mind, they are adaptable to YOUR situation and if you do absolutely everything she tells you to do, you will have a thriving, client filled business in no time at all. And the best thing is… she isn’t JUST a Mentor…. She’s a FRIEND FOR LIFE!”
"The 1-2-1 time with Michelle alone is worth the price. She will dive into your soul and help you figure yourself out. It's uncanny."
"If you want to CHANGE YOUR LIFE…. Then look no further than Michelle Dale."
"Michelle has changed the course of my life and I’m so blessed to have crossed paths with her and her training."
"She definitely has insights into each person's ability and strengths and she is gifted in guiding you to the right path for you! All of her courses are fabulous, but she is the one that makes them sing to your soul!”


That's me, entrepreneur, digital nomad and my biggest accomplishment, mum of 3 ;-)

I'm the founder of Virtual Miss Friday, an Online Business Operations Consultancy & Academy with Built-In Virtual Assistant Services, and the creator of 1nSourcing™ - a service that specialises in serving late 5, 6 and 7 figure business owners.

I left the UK in 2005, at the age of 23 to pursue my dream of experiencing real freedom. I've grown a very successful location independent online business, travelling and living abroad full time, meeting my husband along the way and raising my 3 children. I now support people around the world in cultivating their own personal and professional aspirations in the digital world!


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Each module session is delivered by High Definition video for you to watch online, the video expands to widescreen.

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Each module session contains an audio MP3 file for you to download and listen to the session on your computer or MP3 Player.


Each video in the module session is transcribed and available in text format, there is a print button for saving as PDF.


Each video in the module session has the Presentation Slides available to download as PDF.


We regularly review the learning material and add any changes or updates to the content to keep it fresh and current.


Supporting the collaboration and cooperation of the members of our programmes and courses for collective growth.

Mobile Ready

All sessions are fully responsive and mobile friendly, so they can be viewed on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Phone.

Help Desk

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Every month we have a group call for anyone in the 1nSourcing Programmes, including the Supporter, Entrepreneur, Consultant & Business. We discuss business development strategies, focus on accountability and have open Q & A. This is designed so you can get the help and support you need to stay on track.

These calls are hosted by Michelle every month and are ongoing - because the programmes are self-paced, you are free to attend these calls anytime in the future without any limitations.

Fully Templated Business Growth
and Six-Figure Launch System

Inside the programme is a complete tried and tested plan for building an online business, including mailing list growth and generating digital product sales through launches. You will not only find all the templates you need to be able to recreate this same strategy for yourself or your clients, but also the "Actual" emails and sequence we used for an in house launch that generated over 6-Figures in gross sales, including valuable data such as open rates and clicks, which can be incredibly helpful and insightful for your business growth.

Templates include:

Customer Profiling
Email Launch Sequence
Exact 6-Figure Launch Sequence
Affiliate Materials
Team Guidelines
Launch Assistant Trial
Customer Support Starter Emails

PLUS our 30 Day (Fully Instructed with Real Examples) Webinar Launch Sequence, which includes:

Webinar Opt-In Page Copy Template
Bonus Video Template Example
Webinar Content Template Example
Webinar Sales Pitch Template Example
Audience Building via Facebook Ads Strategy

Freelancer Business Programme

The Freelancer 'Kick-Start' guides you through a complete DIY process of setting up your Freelance or Virtual Assistant Service Business, fast and on a tiny budget too – this is really for you if you’re considering starting a virtual business and you're beginning with very little (to no) knowledge at all, you're not quite ready to commit full time, you're low on start-up funds or you want to build a foundation prior to investing into a scalable online service business.

Strategy Session

One significant advantage to working with me is that I have 14 years of experience as a Digital Nomad running a business online. I started my journey in 2005, as a single woman of 23, I quit my job, got rid of all my stuff, packed 2 suitcases and booked a one way ticket out of the UK, the only thing I knew is that I wanted the freedom to travel and make money without having a boss.

Since then I've had 3 children in 3 different countries, built a multi-six figure business and never went back to the UK to live. I LOVE helping other achieve whatever their nomadic dream looks like for them, and on this strategy session we can talk about carving out a clear path for you in the right direction.

"Do not look any further, if you are planning on starting an online service business, Michelle and her Virtual Miss Friday team will provide everything you need and more.

Michelle is an exceptionally warm, attentive and inspiring person. She is a truly committed business owner, a great teacher and a dedicated mentor and, if this was not enough already, she is a mother of three! Seriously, I do not know how she does it all!

The Academy created by Michelle has an incredible wealth of material and programmes that guide you step by step through all the necessary processes of starting your business or freelance service. I am truly impressed by the work that must have gone into creating all this amazing material. Moreover, the responsiveness of Michelle and her team is truly exceptional. There is no issue that is too small and every query is dealt with the greatest care.

I am very happy that I joined the VMF Academy and more so, because I was able to participate in the Mentorship Programme.

Today I am doing exactly what I love and what I am good at and it is thanks to Michelle who confidently directed me towards my dream. Michelle’s insightfulness and intuition are really exceptional. I really hope I will get the chance to meet her in person one day."

From Sasha @Sashavent (Virtual Event Planning Services)


I’ve been helping people from 'all walks of life' (literally thousands) to develop & build their online businesses for over 7 years now, and throughout that time I’ve provided the help and support they’ve needed to quit their jobs, buy homes, become stay at home mums, double, triple and quadruple their income, grow their business to 6 figures, travel the world, emigrate, become location independent and so much more!

It sounds amazing, it surely is, but I can’t take all the credit because this is a combined effort - you’ll only ever get out of this what you put in. Here are just some of the personal stories from dedicated, go-getting individuals on how my programmes and courses have helped them change their businesses, and their lives...


PLEASE NOTE: results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

Danielle Greason<br />Greason Media

Danielle Greason
Greason Media

Michelle's marketing strategies allowed me to replace my previous full time income in less than 2 weeks.

Martha Christie<br />Martha's SOS

Martha Christie
Martha's SOS

Within 30 days my income had doubled, in another 30 days, my income had doubled again.

Megan Dixon<br />Rescue Me

Megan Dixon
Rescue Me

My income quadrupled. My husband and I bought a house and I went full-time in my business.

Bryanna Royal<br />Virtual Powerhouse

Bryanna Royal
Virtual Powerhouse

I started Michelle's training and my income has grown by 4 times after my first couple of months.

Sarah Watson<br />Digital Impulsion

Sarah Watson
Digital Impulsion

Thank you Michelle - for your support, your guidance, your insight and practical advice.

Tracy Baker<br />Coffee Not Included

Tracy Baker
Coffee Not Included

There is nothing else that even compares to its creative approach, its support, coaching and sheer brilliance.

Alison Cooper<br />Arc Virtual Assistants

Alison Cooper
Arc Virtual Assistants

‘Time is money’ and what a great monthly investment this has been for my business.

Amy Farris<br />International Solutions

Amy Farris
International Solutions

If I had a chance to meet one person during my lifetime... I would choose Michelle Dale.

Andrew Rothwell

Andrew Rothwell

The programme is excellent and is helping me (forcing me) to progress towards my goal.

Angela Matzke

Angela Matzke

I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to start their own successful Virtual Assistant Business.

April Sullivan<br />Agent Leverage

April Sullivan
Agent Leverage

My business wouldn’t be where it is right now if it weren't for Michelle's courses!

Caitlin Kularski

Caitlin Kularski

Virtual Miss Friday taught me everything I needed to know to start my VA business.

Carol Nourse<br />VA Online

Carol Nourse
VA Online

Completing the course has enabled me to follow my dream of living abroad as a digital nomad.

Caroline Klos

Caroline Klos

In a very unexpected, short 72-hours, I now have my first client.

Cecile Jemmett<br />ACIA Consulting

Cecile Jemmett
ACIA Consulting

Every day I see a return on my investment, both financially & personally.

Christina Tiffney

Christina Tiffney

I've been given confidence, knowing that I have been taught by the best.

Ella Pelayo<br />The Office Escape

Ella Pelayo
The Office Escape

This program is one of the greatest blessings I have ever received and I will forever be grateful to Michelle.

Ellen Ward<br />On Time Assistants

Ellen Ward
On Time Assistants

It'll jump-start your business and set you in the direction your business is meant to go!

Emmy Lou Sagusay

Emmy Lou Sagusay

Michelle's programs are excellent! She’s a very innovative and creative lady who REALLY wants to help other VAs.

Erica Hann<br />Love Monday’s Again

Erica Hann
Love Monday’s Again

Michelle - I cannot amply express my gratitude for what you have done for me and my business.

Fanta Tikole

Fanta Tikole

This program taught me in a few months, what would have taken me a few years to learn.

Franciska Šore<br />Ms. Franciska

Franciska Šore
Ms. Franciska

Michelle, I am so blessed to have you in my life. You're my business angel. Your customer service is exquisite!

Grainne Foley

Grainne Foley

Michelle, thank you, thank you, thank you for being my instructor, mentor and friend...

Hannah Reeve

Hannah Reeve

I found my One-to-One with Michelle incredibly helpful and am very grateful for her insight and support.

Jayne Appleby

Jayne Appleby

The team help me loads by pushing me forward and challenging my mindset.

Jo Livings<br />Seeking Serenity

Jo Livings
Seeking Serenity

Only those on the programme can truly appreciate what an amazing opportunity they have.

Judy Olivier

Judy Olivier

What I find so reassuring is the fact that your training and support is so comprehensive.

Kat Begg

Kat Begg

Michelle showed me that there was a way to do what I loved, with the flexibility I now need.

Kelly McDonnell<br />Convey Social

Kelly McDonnell
Convey Social

My income has tripled - enabling me to create a very flexible business that I love.

Laura Sayles

Laura Sayles

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed my 1-on-1 with Michelle.

Linda Clay<br />Tribe Organize

Linda Clay
Tribe Organize

I'm only on Day Two but have accomplished more than I have since I started dreaming of this 10 years ago!

Magenta Cunningham

Magenta Cunningham

This is an exciting time and I'm grateful to be on this course.


Mary Barbee

Mary Barbee

I'm at $125k now and still have 6 months left to make it happen - I'm super optimistic!

Mary Munz<br />ePresenceVA

Mary Munz

My experience working with Michelle Dale has been truly professional - she really knows the online business world.

Maxine Fack<br />Business Assist

Maxine Fack
Business Assist

Michelle and her team have led us, by example, to understand the importance of exceptional customer satisfaction.

Michelle Hill-Smith<br />OnTask Assistants

Michelle Hill-Smith
OnTask Assistants

The video explanations as well as the written tips have all been phenomenal.

Natalie Elliott<br />Still Waters Admin

Natalie Elliott
Still Waters Admin

This program has been absolutely incredible! It's given me the confidence to throw my all into my new life.

Nicky Somers<br />Somerstime

Nicky Somers

It's so content rich, it’s the most unique and special course that I have ever done in my life!

Nikki Swindle<br />Virtually Angels

Nikki Swindle
Virtually Angels

I can honestly say that without taking Michelle's courses, I wouldn't have what I do today.

Petra Snazle

Petra Snazle

I'm so far very happy with Michelle's programme and feel that I'm getting so much focus and clarity.

Rachel Abdy

Rachel Abdy

I can’t believe what amazing value-for-money it is and I’m so glad that I signed up.

Samara Al Badri

Samara Al Badri

Everything is laid out nicely and the step-by-step guidance is great. I see my vision coming to life!

Sheree Wilkerson

Sheree Wilkerson

My first 1:1 session with Michelle was really great and thought-provoking.

Shun Jackson<br />Shun Jack

Shun Jackson
Shun Jack

I can say with absolute confidence that Michelle is THE go-to leader in the VA world.

Stephanie<br />Stephanie Gafoor

Stephanie Gafoor

Thank you for creating this amazing resource for VAs to learn, support each other and succeed!

Tatiana P.

Tatiana P.

Michelle can create magic with her brain... she brought me from a state of confusion into one of clarity.

Tina Blackwell Landa

Tina Blackwell Landa

Anyone on the fence needs to go for it! I'm just starting and it's awesome.

Tom Ewer<br />Leaving Work Behind

Tom Ewer
Leaving Work Behind

If you're interested in creating a successful service business, this is basically the instruction manual.

Yaritza Baez<br />Office Help Direct

Yaritza Baez
Office Help Direct

Michelle's courses have allowed me to pursue travel while growing my business at the same time.

Yfke Laanstra<br />Holistic Consultant

Yfke Laanstra
Holistic Consultant

I'm an absolute fan of the courses from VMF. Thanks Michelle, life just couldn't get any better ;-)

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If you get started and you find that maybe myself or the programme isn’t right for you, or for whatever reason, it doesn’t meet your expectations, you’re entitled to a full refund at any time within 30 days from the day you join. After 30 days, I can’t provide a refund though, so please, I urge you to be responsible with any purchase you choose to make.

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