Boutique Website Service Workshop

This 5 Part Workshop will help you to achieve an immediate ready-to-go "out of the box" online service business (or add on service)… without the challenge of figuring out what to do, or how to do it.

You’ll be guided Step-by-Step in setting up the business, and you'll be fully supported throughout. There's even an option for us to help you build your site!

What this means is you'll be up and ready to go, with everything you need, in the fastest timeframe possible.

Over the course of 5 weeks you're going to be 100% ready to move forward with starting your new boutique website service business, OR expanding into this as an add on service to your existing business.

Because results can be so fast this can also be used as a Bridge Service - allowing you to bring income in on the side, while you're building an empire!

THE Overview




Week 1 - We'll be 'deep diving' into the system and if you don't already have an online presence (website), we'll build you a new website in, either for you or as a sample site for demonstration.

What this means to you is you'll have the confidence to know what your capabilities are, your capacity and the boundaries you'll need to put in place.

We'll be looking at several websites we've created in Virtual Miss Friday and discussing the possibilities of where you can take this service in your business, from real life examples.

This solves the problem of your feeling a lack in confidence with not yet knowing what you're doing, and being able to confidently (and effectively) communicate with your clients right off the bat.

By the end of this week, you'll have a website and a system to confidently work in!




Week 2 - I'll be guiding you through the packages and pricing points and discussing how best to position yourself for sales and profitability.

We'll discuss timing, liability limitations up front & communicating your new packages to the client.

I'll provide you with a template from my service which I've adapted so you can use it to fill in the blanks.

This solves the problem of trying to figure out your pricing and making sure you've included all those specifics which are necessary for making this business work.

By the end of this week, you'll have your packages and pricing for your boutique website service clearly outlined.




Week 3 - This is where the real WOW factor for the service kicks in, and I'll share with you everything I do so your client will have an awesome first impression when starting to work with you. They'll be telling people about how amazing you are before you've even started their boutique site!

I'll provide you with a template from my own One-Step-Start which I've adapted so you can use it to fill in the blanks. I'll also talk about other customisations you can do.

This solves the problem of knowing what you need to get up-front from the client so you can quickly proceed on to finishing the site and moving to the next client.

By the end of this week, you'll have your One-Step-Start ready to go!




Week 4 - This week we're going to ensure that you're able to close this service / project off efficiently so you stay on schedule and don't allow any details to run away with you.

I'll provide you with the strategy for keeping this profitable and clear communication emails so you can politely keep everything on track, in a way your clients will feel cared for and attentively supported.

This solves the problem of losing track of budgets - and therefore profitability. It will also ensure you can schedule new clients in advance without any pressure or feeling over-committed.

By the end of this week, you'll have your 'project close off' ready for use!




Week 5 - This final week we're going to discuss the steps to take to get those nexts clients rolling in, and how you can boost your word of mouth referrals .

We'll also 'deep dive' into other ways you can expand and increase income in this boutique website business, as well as in other endeavours.

I'll provide you with the steps to ensure you don't leave any potential client behind.

This solves the problem of having to invest a lot of time and money into marketing and advertising, so you can invest more time into servicing clients and invoicing.

By the end of this week, you'll have your entire boutique website business ready to rock & roll!!

"Using some of the methods Michelle teaches in the program - I have secured 2 (yes 2) new client consultations next week, and that was just in a 24 hour period!”

“I am just starting and it is awesome. Thanks so much for putting your heart out there for others!”

"I am only on day two but have accomplished more than I have since I started dreaming of this 10 years ago!"

“I’ve done a lot of research over the last year and I haven’t found anything that even comes close to your program for helping VAs. I’m really in awe”

“Michelle, I've found your program really helpful and just what I needed. Thank you”

"Thanks Michelle for the amazing depth and quality you put into these programs"

"I just want to THANK YOU so very much for this Shoestring resource!!"

"This is a seriously awesome course that will get you up-and-running in no time at all"

"All I can say is OMG, this is seriously content rich"

"The programme is an absolute must have"

"Michelle is definitely one to learn from and any product she puts out is sure to be worth far more than the price tag”

"The program is so structured and easily guides you step-by-step on setting up your business”


That's me, entrepreneur, digital nomad and my biggest accomplishment, mum of 3 ;-)

I'm the founder of Virtual Miss Friday, an Online Business Operations Consultancy & Academy with Built-In Virtual Assistant Services, and the creator of 1nSourcing™ - a service that specialises in serving late 5, 6 and 7 figure business owners.

I left the UK in 2005, at the age of 23 to pursue my dream of experiencing real freedom. I've grown a very successful location independent online business, travelling and living abroad full time, meeting my husband along the way and raising my 3 children. I now support people around the world in cultivating their own personal and professional aspirations in the digital world!


The "Live" portion of the workshop will be held in Zoom, an online conference platform. It's best of you join online through a computer and internet connection, alternatively you can dial in by phone.

If there are any practical course materials such as templates to deliver, those will be provided during the session, and the replay and materials will be provided after if you can't make it live.


Because it's my Birthday this week - ALL of my 0-6 figure business coaching members will have access to the Out-of-the-Box Boutique Website Service Workshop included complimentary.


AND if you aren't yet on my 0-6 business coaching programme, if you sign up before the offer ends - you'll also have this Out-of-the-Box Boutique Website Service Workshop included FREE!


PLUS!! It's currently available to you for 50% OFF!


I’ve been helping people from 'all walks of life' (literally thousands) to develop & build their online businesses for over 7 years now, and throughout that time I’ve provided the help and support they’ve needed to quit their jobs, buy homes, become stay at home mums, double, triple and quadruple their income, grow their business to 6 figures, travel the world, emigrate, become location independent and so much more!

It sounds amazing, it surely is, but I can’t take all the credit because this is a combined effort - you’ll only ever get out of this what you put in. Here are just some of the personal stories from dedicated, go-getting individuals on how my programmes and courses have helped them change their businesses, and their lives...


PLEASE NOTE: results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

Danielle Greason<br />Greason Media

Danielle Greason
Greason Media

Those marketing strategies allowed me to replace my previous full time income in less than 2 weeks.

Martha Christie<br />Martha's SOS

Martha Christie
Martha's SOS

Within 30 days my income had doubled, in another 30 days, my income had doubled again.

Megan Dixon<br />Rescue Me

Megan Dixon
Rescue Me

My income quadrupled. My husband and I bought a house and I went full-time in my business.

Bryanna Royal<br />Virtual Powerhouse

Bryanna Royal
Virtual Powerhouse

I started my VA business 9 months ago and I currently have over 15 paying clients!

Sarah Watson<br />Digital Impulsion

Sarah Watson
Digital Impulsion

You saved me so much time, eliminated all that stress and showed me how everything works!

Tracy Baker<br />Coffee Not Included

Tracy Baker
Coffee Not Included

There is nothing else that even compares to its creative approach, its support, coaching and sheer brilliance.

Alison Cooper<br />Arc Virtual Assistants

Alison Cooper
Arc Virtual Assistants

It was definitely one of the most positive steps my business has taken – joining The VA Passport.

Amy Farris<br />International Solutions by Amy Farris

Amy Farris
International Solutions by Amy Farris

If I had a chance to meet one person during my lifetime, it wouldn't be some fancy celebrity or Oprah Winfrey, I would choose Michelle.

Angela Matzke

Angela Matzke

I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start their own successful Virtual Assistant business.

April Sullivan<br />Agent Leverage

April Sullivan
Agent Leverage

I am in a completely different stage of my business, and it can only get better after this!

Caitlin Kularski

Caitlin Kularski

The Roadmap and Virtual Miss Friday taught me everything I needed to start my business in a short time.

Carol Nourse<br />VA Online

Carol Nourse
VA Online

Completing the course has enabled me to follow my dream of living abroad as a digital nomad.

Caroline Klos

Caroline Klos

In a very unexpected, short 72-hours, I now have my first client.

Cecile Jemmett<br />ACIA Consulting

Cecile Jemmett
ACIA Consulting

Michelle’s Shoestring Course was exactly what I was looking for.

Christina Tiffney

Christina Tiffney

The team really are psychic in that they can turn a very vague email instruction into exactly what you had in mind.

Ella Pelayo<br />The Office Escape

Ella Pelayo
The Office Escape

The VA Apprentice has been life-changing. This program is one of the greatest blessings I have ever received.

Ellen Ward<br />On Time Assistants

Ellen Ward
On Time Assistants

Anyone wondering if this is for you - IT IS! It will jump start your business.

Emmy Lou Sagusay

Emmy Lou Sagusay

She’s a very innovative and creative lady who REALLY wants to help other virtual assistants achieve success.

Erica Hann<br />Love Monday’s Again

Erica Hann
Love Monday’s Again

I’ve noticed an astonishing growth in my business, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for everything.

Fanta Tikole

Fanta Tikole

This program taught me in a few months what would have taken me a few years to learn.

Franciska Šore<br />Ms. Franciska

Franciska Šore
Ms. Franciska

Michelle, I am so blessed to have you in my life. You're my business angel. Your customer service is exquisite!

Grainne Foley

Grainne Foley

Once you begin this course you realize very quickly this is no ordinary learning experience.

Jo Livings<br />Seeking Serenity

Jo Livings
Seeking Serenity

If you can give her a seed of thought, she can develop it into something truly remarkable.

Judy Olivier

Judy Olivier

What I find so reassuring is the fact that your training and support is so comprehensive.

Kelly McDonnell<br />Convey Social

Kelly McDonnell
Convey Social

This has resulted in my income tripling which has enabled me to create a very flexible business, that I love.

Linda Clay<br />Tribe Organize

Linda Clay
Tribe Organize

I am only on day two but have accomplished more than I have since I started dreaming of this 10 years ago!

Mary Munz<br />ePresenceVA

Mary Munz

She really knows the online business world and takes the time to understand my business, my strategy and where we can go with it.

Maxine Fack<br />Business Assist

Maxine Fack
Business Assist

She has brought out the best in each of us, things we strove for and things that we previously had not even aspired to.

Michelle Hill-Smith<br />OnTask Assistants

Michelle Hill-Smith
OnTask Assistants

The video explanations as well as the written tips have all been phenomenal.

Natalie Elliott<br />Still Waters Admin

Natalie Elliott
Still Waters Admin

This program has been absolutely incredible! You have a gift for teaching and connecting with people.

Nicky Somers<br />Somerstime

Nicky Somers

Be prepared, because it’s so content rich, it’s the most unique and special course that I have ever done in my life.

Nikki Swindle<br />Virtually Angels

Nikki Swindle
Virtually Angels

It sounds cheesey but Michelle's courses have changed my life completely.

Phillip Dyhr Hobbs

Phillip Dyhr Hobbs

My business is now running, I’m doing exactly what I love, and all because Michelle helped me.

Rachel Abdy

Rachel Abdy

I am so excited to have joined the TVAP group! I can’t believe what amazing value-for-money it is.

Shun Jackson<br />Shun Jack

Shun Jackson
Shun Jack

She said, I want to do something for you, I am going to create a programme, I want you to test it.

Stephanie<br />Stephanie Gafoor Virtual Assistant

Stephanie Gafoor Virtual Assistant

Thank you for creating this amazing resource for VAs to learn, support each other and succeed!

Tina Blackwell Landa

Tina Blackwell Landa

Anyone on the fence needs to go for it! I am just starting and it is awesome. Thanks so much.

Tom Ewer<br />Leaving Work Behind

Tom Ewer
Leaving Work Behind

To say that I was impressed by it’s exhaustiveness would be an understatement

Yaritza Baez<br />Office Help Direct

Yaritza Baez
Office Help Direct

The biggest success that Michelle’s training has provided me with is a well rounded foundation for providing online support as a virtual assistant.

Yfke Laanstra<br />Holistic Consultant

Yfke Laanstra
Holistic Consultant

I'm an absolute fan of the courses from VMF. Thanks Michelle, life just couldn't get any better ;-)

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If you get started and you find that maybe myself or the programme isn’t right for you, or for whatever reason, it doesn’t meet your expectations, you’re entitled to a full refund at any time within 30 days from the day you join. After 30 days, I can’t provide a refund though, so please, I urge you to be responsible with any purchase you choose to make.

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