1nSourcing™ is a unique business model for online business operations management, specifically for scaleable digital service & product businesses, which has been created by Michelle Dale, founder of Virtual Miss Friday! 
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The Freelancer

The Freelancer 'Kick-Start' course guides you through a complete DIY process of setting up your Freelance Service Business - FAST, and on a tiny budget too!
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VA Protégé

The complete 1nSourcing™ business model creates the most comprehensive digital operations and business system available - 12 weeks of One-on-One Zoom calls with me (Michelle Dale), full training resources and "1st client guarantee!"
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Skillegy™ Workshops

This is a complete set of (9) role-based workshops that focus on “Skillegy” - both skills & strategy for quickly developing a highly productive, very profitable online service business.
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1-on-1 Mentorship

A 4 part intensive One-on-One mentorship course for creating your foundation and inspiration for personal and professional success! 
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Essential Resources

A complete resources area that includes mini-courses, past classes, 'LIVE' monthly group coaching calls, with all past call replays and so much more... it's all free to paid course members.
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With so much training and support out there for virtual assistants, freelancers, online service providers, digital nomads and more, it can be difficult to decide where you should invest your money to get the right training and support from the right kind of people for your online business (and for you).

My name's Michelle, and I became a Virtual Assistant in 2005 when I quit my job and left the UK to travel. Since then, I've lived in 7 countries and visited many more. I built a VA business that sometimes generates over $30k in a month, purely through providing services to clients.

I've put together my 'Real' income reports to show you I'm not just another 'hype junkie' selling a dream. I'm the real deal, and because I care about your investment in me, or anywhere in fact, I'm putting it all out there ~ these income reports are proof of my earnings as I built my Virtual Assistant Business, which then lead me to create 1nSourcing™ and into teaching others how achieve extraordinary success too!
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We don't believe in "get rich" programmes / courses, whether online or offline - we believe in hard work, determination, adding value wherever you can and serving others as much as possible. Our training materials have been created with the intention of helping you build the framework of an online service business, share your message with an audience, potentially provide services and to make a difference in other people's lives while growing your business.

As we’re sure you’ll agree, it generally takes plenty of hard work to succeed in any type of business, online or offline - in fact, it generally takes a great deal of dedication to succeed at just about anything worthwhile. Obviously, your results in life and business are entirely up to you and the amount of personal determination and resources you're willing to invest into succeeding. Essentially, we're endeavouring to help you by providing excellent content, direction and tried, tested and proven strategies that may very well help you move you forward, especially so if you truly apply yourself.

It’s important to note that the average person who starts an online business rarely puts the work into implementing the strategies taught and therefore achieves little to no results. Obviously we don’t want that to be you, so we’re laying this out here so it's abundantly clear.

Furthermore, just to clarify, we (cannot and do not) make any guarantees whatsoever about your ability to get specific results or earn specific amounts of money with our information, ideas, strategies or tools, nor do we offer any medical, legal, tax or other similar kinds of professional advice.

If you’d like to review our more detailed earnings disclaimer, privacy policy as well as terms and conditions you're welcome to click here. It's just the usual legal information, but we believe transparency is very important and we hold ourselves (as well as you) to a very high standard of integrity at all times :-)