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Personal Details

Are you male or female? Male
How did you find us?
What about your business truly inspires you?

Current Situation

How does your business contribute to the lives of others? Or, to put it differently, what problem does your product / service solve or how does your product / service transform people’s lives?
Is your primary income source from being a self-employed entrepreneur? (aka, you control your monthly income) or employee (not yet in a position to quit your job). Self-Employed
What is your website address (if applicable)
Is your business or job location independent? (There’s no requirement for you to be at any particular location, ongoing.) Yes - I’m location independent
No - I’m fixed in one location
Do you currently earn (or is your business turning over) 4, 5, 6 or 7+ figures per year in gross sales.
How much time do you spend each week reading blogs, taking courses, watching videos, doing research, or generally hanging out on social media to find the answers of how to finally reach the true potential of your business?
How long have you been considering hiring an online business manager / strategic partner, for instance someone like me?
What’s the real reason you haven't taken greater action yet? e.g. Not enough funds, time, not knowing where to start, not trusting anyone etc…
How many VAs (all the people who help you with your business online) do you hire at the moment?
How much do you spend roughly per month on all the VAs you hire, and how many hours roughly per month are they working collectively?
How many hours do you think you personally put into managing your team, per month?
Do you have a strategist on your team who works closely with you, or do you basically come up with the plans yourself and then do your best to execute those ideas with your team on your own?
How do you currently train and instruct your team? Do you have a structure / system for this in place, or are you using things like email and chat? If you have systems in place for this, what are they and what are the monthly costs, overall?
What platforms / systems do you currently use for your online presence and to communicate with your audience - for example, your website, email marketing, online collaboration area, support, etc?
What social media platforms do you use for your business? Please provide links to these.
Are you happy right now with the current level of support you get from your VAs?
Do you feel more could be done? (For example, do you have everything covered or are there things missing that you know should be done? If so, what?)
What digital-only products do you sell? (For example, courses, ebooks etc...) and what percentage of your income comes from this side of your business?
What digital-only services do you sell? (For example, online coaching, mentorship, webinars etc...) and what percentage of your income comes from this side of your business?
Does your business have any other income streams beside those already mentioned? If so, please itemise them and briefly describe each one.

The Transformation

What are you most focussed on getting done in your business, right now?
On a scale from 1 to 10, where would you rank your business today? (1 = Terrible, 10 = Perfect)
Would you be willing to make structural changes to your business (systems, methods of working, instructions, team members etc...) based on my recommendations? Essentially, how married are you to the current setup and systems and how open are you to change?
In your business, what’s your area of greatest frustration, or area of greatest desired change, and why? (Please be as detailed as possible in your answer.)
What are your gross income goals for the next year - what do you see as achievable for you to be generating after a year?
1nSourcing means getting the best plan, strategy and support for your online business. By way of example, for some people this means less hours at work, or the ability to generate more income, or sharing their message with the world or even simply travelling more often. What motivates you?
Would you be prepared to invest up to £3,000 (up front) on a complete and detailed operations plan, income strategy and support team structure that’s specifically tailored to your unique circumstances and budget, and designed around reaching your personal and financial goals? No messing around - this is a ‘detailed vision and action plan’ for a specific way forward for you, and your business.
Would you be prepared to invest at least £1,000 (per month) on a fully managed and dedicated 1nSourcing Support Team to provide you with all the administrative, marketing and creative roles you’re going to need inside your online business to turn your vision and action plan into reality?
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