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I currently work for a construction company but on the side I do electromagnetic field consultations. I took a course by a professional electrical engineer with 40 years of experience in the electrical industry who decided that he wanted to start educating people on the negative impacts of EMF's and how they can be blocked/mitigated/shielded, as well as their environmental impacts. The certification is through EMF-experts.com. It is one of only two accreditations to become an EMF consultant. There are currently no degree programs at Universities that cover this subject matter. 

I also have a degree in mechanical engineering, so I know the actual physics and math behind electromagnetic fields as part of my education as well as the health effects from the course described above. It also helps I have a background in construction, because I understand how buildings come together. I will typically spend about an hour with clients taking readings around their homes with two separate meters, and I will assess what exposure levels they have from various sources. I will then provide a comprehensive write-up including any recommendations for mitigation/shielding as well as educational resources to augment the client's own knowledge. 

Clients will typically contact me once they have noticed some side effects of EMF's such as trouble sleeping, tingling, headaches, heart palpitations, etc. I continue to educate myself on the subject matter, so I'm always current. I believe I can provide very valuable service to clients, especially young families with young children and babies, because EMF's effect children much more than adults due to their smaller bodies and the fact that their bodies have are constantly growing, which makes them more susceptible to effects. 

I can be reached through my email which is christensenryan747@gmail.com, and my phone 630-724-7121. If you leave a voice mail I will typically respond either around the lunch hour or after 5:00 pm.

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I am very passionate about helping people, especially when they are 'in the dark' on something, and don't have good informational resources. There's a lot of misinformation on this subject matter, and I will clear that up, and provide excellent service to my clients.

Minimum Financial Commitment Required To Start

I would usually charge $150/hour for the consultation and that includes the write-up report.
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