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Currently at this time I am focusing on being a 1nSourcing Supporter and in 2+years a 1nSource. I originally developed my business model in almost the same aspect as a 1nSourcer but just feel that my skills need to be strengthened more as a Supporter first. My biggest strength is not so much in one specific role but more what I bring to the roles. I am a thinker and solutions provider. I think out-side the box and embrace challenges. I believe anything is possible and when there is a will there is a way. If I don’t know how to complete a task, use a program or simply lack a skill I am quick to research, learn and master the skills needed. Within every role offered as a 1nSourcing Supporter I hold some form of a skill whether it is at an entry level or advanced level. I have intermediate level skills within graphic designs in Photoshop, Canva and BeFunk. Thru out the years of working with various small businesses I have general bookkeeping skills with advance knowledge in QuickBooks accounting program with basic knowledge of other various accounting software geared for the US. After obtaining training from Danielle Greason Online Biz Skill program on blog management I have stumbled deeply into website development and website master skills for WordPress. Within the past year I have developed 5 WordPress websites, majority thru self-teaching. I have intermediate to advance skills in general administration and have been working with google doc from when it was in beta mode. I have entry level skills as a content creator, content marketer and social media management. Majority of my skills in customer support is within social media management. My best method of contact is via email at myates@white-oaksbs.com

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