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I'm a native English speaker and based in the US. 

I prefer working with clients in creative and mindfulness fields such as artists, dancers, yoga teachers, or game creators. 

I have a widely varied background with studies in Art & Social Science, and employment experience in archaeology, zoos, and libraries. I can provide excellent research, proofreading, and editing services; basic website design, graphics, and blog support.  

I prefer initial contact through email or my website, but I have no problem getting on google hangout to chat "in person". 

I have specialist knowledge in: horses, games (video, board, tabletop), archaeology, anthropology, organization of information, visual arts, art history, medieval history, archery, and US travel.

My core systems

Gsuite, Gmail, MailChimp
Twitter, Pinterest, MeWe
Carrd.co, WordPress

Where I’m In My Element And Excelling

I excel at research, writing, and editing. I'm also great at organization and workflow efficiency.

Minimum Financial Commitment Required To Start

15 USD/Hour
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