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I’ve worked with entrepreneurs for over 12 years as the right-hand-man/chief-of-staff. They come up with the ideas and I execute and make them happen. I’ve done everything from event planning to creating content/marketing materials to forming new businesses, and I’m excited by each new challenge. That’s also my core strength - my ability to take your end-goal and bring it to fruition. I’m a punctual, independent worker, a team player and leader, a fast learner and I am very resourceful when faced with obstacles. My standards for work product are very high, and I believe in communication and no surprises with deadlines/deliverables. If you’re looking for someone to fill in as PA or you need a General Administrator or project manager, I’m your girl! I can also create basic websites in WordPress and develop & curate content. I am very open to further developing these skills, learning new ones and helping out where needed on your team. I’m also taking new clients in my VA business where I focus on proving administrative, operational & strategy support to professional service entrepreneurs with growing businesses. I’m available Monday – Friday during normal business hours (Pacific Time/-8 UTC). My preferred method of communication is email – diane@everythingally.com. As for a little bit about me - I am avid solo traveler and I love adventure. I want to follow Michelle’s footsteps and to live aboard.

My core systems

Asana, Trello
Gsuite, Outlook
Acuity, Calendly
Wave, Paypal, Square
Slack, Gchat
Feedly, Pocket
Linkedin, Twitter
Paypal, Square

Where I’m In My Element And Excelling

I love bringing an idea to fruition. I am great at understanding the big picture goals, the steps needed to reach them and execution is my super power.

Minimum Financial Commitment Required To Start

$25 USD/hour as a supporter
$550/month retainer for VA Clients
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