• 1nSourcing™ - The Alternative Virtual Assistant Service for Digital Entrepreneurs

A unique, proven, 6 figure virtual assistant business model and multi-6 figure 1nSourcing™
model from start to finish, taking you through step-by-step all the tools, systems, documentation, templates, marketing, project management and organisational strategies I have used to develop Virtual Miss Friday into a sizeable, healthy consulting and virtual assistant service business.

THE Overview

There are 2 versions of the programme, Version 1.0 contains 7 modules and is designed for Virtual Assistants who are looking to grow their own business with a traditional virtual assistant model, and Version 2.0 contains 6 modules and is for those wanting to explore using the 1nSourcing business model. Each module contains individual video sessions (a total of 59 sessions in V1 and V2). The programme is entirely digital, so you can take these sessions as and when it's convenient for you, and work through the programme at your own pace.


Apprentice 2.0 for 1nSourcers

There are 6 Modules inside this programme, each module contains 4 individual sessions (a total of 24 sessions). The programme is entirely digital, so you can take these sessions as and when it's convenient for you, and work through the programme at your own pace.


Module 1

Set the scene for your 1nSourcing business
1.1 MINDSET A successful 1nSourcers mindset. 1.2 VISION (PERSONAL) Creating a personal vision through lifestyle choices. 1.3 VISION (BUSINESS) Fitting the business into your personal vision. 1.4 SET UP (EQUIPMENT) The hardware environment of your business. 1.5 ACTION PLAN How to take action on this module.

Module 2

The business blueprint for 1nSourcing
2.1 THE BUSINESS MODEL The blueprint for the 1nSourcing business model works. 2.2 1NSOURCING TEAM ROLES The Role Based System. 2.3 1NSOURCING SERVICES Providing services using roles, not tasks. 2.4 TOOLS & SYSTEMS The building blocks of your 1nSourcing operation. 2.5 ACTION PLAN How to take action on this module.

Module 3

Creating your online presence
3.1 BLUEPRINT The plan for your online presence as a 1nSourcer. 3.2 BRAND & DESIGN The presentation of your 1nSourcing business. 3.3 KEY PAGES The breakdown of your website and content. 3.4 SOCIAL MEDIA Using social media platforms to build your reputation. 3.5 ACTION PLAN How to take action on this module.

Module 4

The income strategy for your business
4.1 TARGET CLIENTS Pinpointing the exact clients you’ll service as a 1nSourcer. 4.2 NETWORKING How to network to source clients for your business. 4.3 PITCHING Succinctly convey the awesomeness of your service. 4.4 SECURING BUSINESS Closing the deal with a 1nSourcing client. 4.5 ACTION PLAN How to take action on this module.

Module 5

Secure income and manage your finances
5.1 MONEY MANAGEMENT Guidelines for staying on top of your finances, and profits. 5.2 FACTORING EXPENSES Budgeting for expenses in your 1nSourcing business. 5.3 PACKAGES The 1nSourcing Pricing System. 5.4 BILLING & PAYMENTS How to invoice and always get paid by clients. 5.5 ACTION PLAN How to take action on this module.

Module 6

Manage clients, team and operations
6.1 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Effectively running a 1nSourcing business. 6.2 CLIENT INTAKE How to intake a new 1nSourcing client. 6.3 PROCESSING Processing projects and tasks with your clients and team. 6.4 RETAINING Retaining your 1nSourcing clients long term. 6.5 ACTION PLAN How to take action on this module.

Apprentice 1.0 for Virtual Assistants

There are 7 Modules inside this programme, each module contains 5 individual sessions (a total of 35 sessions). The programme is entirely digital, so you can take these sessions as and when it's convenient for you, and work through the programme at your own pace.


Module 1

Preparing Yourself
Preparing the way for personal success
1.1 Setting Yourself Up Getting the basics in place to begin your business. 1.2 Success System The no fail system for decisions and actions. 1.3 Personal Goals Creating a vision for your business. 1.4 Biggest Mistakes 7 common mistakes to avoid when starting out. 1.5 Oracles of Wisdom The mentors that contributed to VMF's success.

Module 2

Business Core
The foundation of your service business
2.1 The Business Models Choosing the type of VA business model. 2.2 Laying the Foundation Creating and designing your service menu. 2.3 Client Profile Formula The client formula to help you grow into your market. 2.4 Pricing Your Services How to price your VA services. 2.5 Paperless Business The systems you need for a modern VA company.

Module 3

Online Presence
Building your essential online presence
3.1 Business Blueprint Planning out your online presence. 3.2 Branding and Design Creating your brand concept. 3.3 Copywriting How to write for your business. 3.4 Social Media How to create a social presence. 3.5 SEO and Analytics How to measure your website's progress.

Module 4

Marketing Mission
Building brand and potential clients
4.1 Capturing Your Market Drawing in and filtering your potential clients. 4.2 Blogging Strategy How to populate and market your blog. 4.3 Content Marketing Strategy How to create content and publish online. 4.4 Social Media Strategy How to promote your business using social media. 4.5 Marketing Toolbox How to market yourself online.

Module 5

Securing Clients
Converting leads and closing business
5.1 Customer Service Excellent customer service and conflict resolution. 5.2 Appointment Mechanism The system for fuelling client generation. 5.3 Leads to Appointments Phase one towards securing new clients (statistically). 5.4 Appointments to Potential Clients Phase two towards securing new clients (conversion methods). 5.5 Potential Clients to Clients Phase three towards securing new clients (closing the business).

Module 6

Money Management
Handling and maximising finances
6.1 Accounting System Creating a financial experience for you and the client. 6.2 Customer Relationships Managing your client's personal information. 6.3 Estimates and Invoicing Professional issuing of estimates and invoices. 6.4 Incentive Programmes Expansion options for higher earning potential. 6.5 Maximising Income Becoming resourceful with how you offer services.

Module 7

Ongoing Operations
Business management and long-term success
7.1 Client Intake The procedure for introducing new clients. 7.2 Delegation Options Systems and processes strategy for task management. 7.3 Systematic Processing Efficiently opening, processing and closing tasks. 7.4 Retaining Clients How to keep clients coming back for more. 7.5 Success Fast-Track Turning your business dream into a reality.


A Growing Library Of Additional Classes

Classes provided additional detail, and expand on some of the key topics discussed in the main modules.

Every month a brand new class is added to the Classes Library inside the members area, so you'll have access to the video replays including audio MP3 and transcription of all our previous and new up coming classes, without any additional charge.


System Guides

Video Tutorial Guides For Core Systems

Inside the programme we discuss some of the core systems used inside Virtual Miss Friday. The System Guides provide an expansion on the module through extended video tutorials on how we use those systems.

Where applicable we also provide additional resources such as tips, along with customisable instructions, templates and macros (also known as pre-defined replies) to enable you to quickly and easily set up systems for your own business.

"Michelle has totally changed my life, honestly.”
“One evening I sat on Twitter and made a start. That week I won 2 clients. What I am trying to say is, IT WORKED!”

"My client intake has increased and my income doubled last month (my website was only launched for a week). "

"If you really care about your professionalism and wish to be amongst the best then this is the “no compromise” course of a lifetime.”

“Michelle is an awesome mentor. Her advice is honest, factual and it works."

“This is the most unique and special course that I have ever done in my life.”

"She has brought out the best in each of us, things we strove for and things that we previously had not even aspired to."
"I spent hours searching the internet for similar VA programs and couldn’t find anything that even remotely came close to what Michelle offers in her program."
"There is nothing else that even compares to TVAA in its creative approach, its support, coaching and sheer brilliance."

"Blown away by her willingness to go the extra mile and ultra efficient manner."
"Completing the course has enabled me to follow my dream of living abroad."

"To Michelle – I cannot amply express my gratitude for what you have done for me and my business."
"The single most meaningful investment I’ve ever made."

"If you can give her a seed of thought, she can develop it into something truly remarkable."

"This training is unique, hands on, in depth and content rich to the maximum!"
"The VA Apprentice gave me all the systems I needed to implement to build a solid team and client base."
"Michelle has totally changed my life, honestly. And it is all down to the VA Apprentice."
"From the very beginning of the course to the very end, Michelle is with you 100% of the way."
"You saved me so much time, eliminated all that stress and showed me how everything works!"
"My investment in this course was well worth it – you saved me so much time, weeks if not months, of researching and trialling the various systems."
"You eliminated all that stress and showed me how everything works! I am extremely grateful that you share your experience in this way."
"I have on a number of occasions already referred back to your videos and I am sure I will continue to do so. It’s great to have everything in video form; it makes it so much easier to take in."
"The FAQ database and Intranet templates are just brilliant; I was so amazed you threw those in. Thank you so much for that! The content was great, I can’t think of anything else I would of liked it to include."
"Thanks for the detailed and insanely useful advice, I feel so much more confident in my business having benefited from your wealth of experience and knowledge."
"I have completed a few courses over the years as a entrepreneur and business owner but none, absolutely none as inspiring or totally unique as this course!!"
"Fully expecting to work through modules of information and implementation I was nowhere near prepared for the content rich format, the unwavering hand held support, step by step tutorials and abundance of information and personal help from Michelle herself."
"There is nothing else that even compares to it in its creative approach, its support, coaching and sheer brilliance."
"The great thing is the “hands on approach” that Michelle takes. She is there every step of the way."
"It would have taken me a month of Sundays to find out all of the information myself. "
"Michelle has taught me way more than how to organize a client’s schedule, manage their social media accounts & create amazing websites. She has taught me to believe in myself, never give up and to visualize my dreams coming true."


Our learning platform provides a complete learning experience. Each module contains a variety of learning options, and all our Roadmap programmes and courses are updated annually to reflect any changes in technology, new systems or procedures we use in Virtual Miss Friday.

Single Sign-In

Access this and all of your other Academy programmes and courses from one single login and dashboard.

HD Video

Each module session is delivered by High Definition video for you to watch online, the video expands to widescreen.

Audio MP3

Each module session contains an audio MP3 file for you to download and listen to the session on your computer or MP3 Player.


Each video in the module session is transcribed and available in text format, there is a print button for saving as PDF.


Each module session contains a "mini-intranet" where (if applicable) we provide additional files, instructions or information.


We regularly review the learning material and add any changes or updates to the content to keep it fresh and current.


An option is available in each module session to bookmark the module inside your member dashboard for easy access.

Mobile Ready

All sessions are fully responsive and mobile friendly, so they can be viewed on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Phone.

Help Desk

Click the green 'Help' button available on every lesson if you require any assistance or have any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

Danielle Greason<br />Greason Media

Danielle Greason
Greason Media

Michelle's marketing strategies allowed me to replace my previous full time income in less than 2 weeks.

Martha Christie<br />Martha's SOS

Martha Christie
Martha's SOS

Within 30 days my income had doubled, in another 30 days, my income had doubled again.

Megan Dixon<br />Rescue Me

Megan Dixon
Rescue Me

My income quadrupled. My husband and I bought a house and I went full-time in my business.

Bryanna Royal<br />Virtual Powerhouse

Bryanna Royal
Virtual Powerhouse

I started Michelle's training and my income has grown by 4 times after my first couple of months.

Sarah Watson<br />Digital Impulsion

Sarah Watson
Digital Impulsion

Thank you Michelle - for your support, your guidance, your insight and practical advice.

Tracy Baker<br />Coffee Not Included

Tracy Baker
Coffee Not Included

There is nothing else that even compares to its creative approach, its support, coaching and sheer brilliance.

Alison Cooper<br />Arc Virtual Assistants

Alison Cooper
Arc Virtual Assistants

‘Time is money’ and what a great monthly investment this has been for my business.

Amy Farris<br />International Solutions

Amy Farris
International Solutions

If I had a chance to meet one person during my lifetime... I would choose Michelle Dale.

Andrew Rothwell

Andrew Rothwell

The programme is excellent and is helping me (forcing me) to progress towards my goal.

Angela Matzke

Angela Matzke

I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to start their own successful Virtual Assistant Business.

April Sullivan<br />Agent Leverage

April Sullivan
Agent Leverage

My business wouldn’t be where it is right now if it weren't for Michelle's courses!

Caitlin Kularski

Caitlin Kularski

Virtual Miss Friday taught me everything I needed to know to start my VA business.

Carol Nourse<br />VA Online

Carol Nourse
VA Online

Completing the course has enabled me to follow my dream of living abroad as a digital nomad.

Caroline Klos

Caroline Klos

In a very unexpected, short 72-hours, I now have my first client.

Cecile Jemmett<br />ACIA Consulting

Cecile Jemmett
ACIA Consulting

Every day I see a return on my investment, both financially & personally.

Christina Tiffney

Christina Tiffney

I've been given confidence, knowing that I have been taught by the best.

Ella Pelayo<br />The Office Escape

Ella Pelayo
The Office Escape

This program is one of the greatest blessings I have ever received and I will forever be grateful to Michelle.

Ellen Ward<br />On Time Assistants

Ellen Ward
On Time Assistants

It'll jump-start your business and set you in the direction your business is meant to go!

Emmy Lou Sagusay

Emmy Lou Sagusay

Michelle's programs are excellent! She’s a very innovative and creative lady who REALLY wants to help other VAs.

Erica Hann<br />Love Monday’s Again

Erica Hann
Love Monday’s Again

Michelle - I cannot amply express my gratitude for what you have done for me and my business.

Fanta Tikole

Fanta Tikole

This program taught me in a few months, what would have taken me a few years to learn.

Franciska Šore<br />Ms. Franciska

Franciska Šore
Ms. Franciska

Michelle, I am so blessed to have you in my life. You're my business angel. Your customer service is exquisite!

Grainne Foley

Grainne Foley

Michelle, thank you, thank you, thank you for being my instructor, mentor and friend...

Hannah Reeve

Hannah Reeve

I found my One-to-One with Michelle incredibly helpful and am very grateful for her insight and support.

Jayne Appleby

Jayne Appleby

The team help me loads by pushing me forward and challenging my mindset.

Jo Livings<br />Seeking Serenity

Jo Livings
Seeking Serenity

Only those on the programme can truly appreciate what an amazing opportunity they have.

Judy Olivier

Judy Olivier

What I find so reassuring is the fact that your training and support is so comprehensive.

Kat Begg

Kat Begg

Michelle showed me that there was a way to do what I loved, with the flexibility I now need.

Kelly McDonnell<br />Convey Social

Kelly McDonnell
Convey Social

My income has tripled - enabling me to create a very flexible business that I love.

Laura Sayles

Laura Sayles

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed my 1-on-1 with Michelle.

Linda Clay<br />Tribe Organize

Linda Clay
Tribe Organize

I'm only on Day Two but have accomplished more than I have since I started dreaming of this 10 years ago!

Magenta Cunningham

Magenta Cunningham

This is an exciting time and I'm grateful to be on this course.


Mary Barbee

Mary Barbee

I'm at $125k now and still have 6 months left to make it happen - I'm super optimistic!

Mary Munz<br />ePresenceVA

Mary Munz

My experience working with Michelle Dale has been truly professional - she really knows the online business world.

Maxine Fack<br />Business Assist

Maxine Fack
Business Assist

Michelle and her team have led us, by example, to understand the importance of exceptional customer satisfaction.

Michelle Hill-Smith<br />OnTask Assistants

Michelle Hill-Smith
OnTask Assistants

The video explanations as well as the written tips have all been phenomenal.

Natalie Elliott<br />Still Waters Admin

Natalie Elliott
Still Waters Admin

This program has been absolutely incredible! It's given me the confidence to throw my all into my new life.

Nicky Somers<br />Somerstime

Nicky Somers

It's so content rich, it’s the most unique and special course that I have ever done in my life!

Nikki Swindle<br />Virtually Angels

Nikki Swindle
Virtually Angels

I can honestly say that without taking Michelle's courses, I wouldn't have what I do today.

Petra Snazle

Petra Snazle

I'm so far very happy with Michelle's programme and feel that I'm getting so much focus and clarity.

Rachel Abdy

Rachel Abdy

I can’t believe what amazing value-for-money it is and I’m so glad that I signed up.

Samara Al Badri

Samara Al Badri

Everything is laid out nicely and the step-by-step guidance is great. I see my vision coming to life!

Sheree Wilkerson

Sheree Wilkerson

My first 1:1 session with Michelle was really great and thought-provoking.

Shun Jackson<br />Shun Jack

Shun Jackson
Shun Jack

I can say with absolute confidence that Michelle is THE go-to leader in the VA world.

Stephanie<br />Stephanie Gafoor

Stephanie Gafoor

Thank you for creating this amazing resource for VAs to learn, support each other and succeed!

Tatiana P.

Tatiana P.

Michelle can create magic with her brain... she brought me from a state of confusion into one of clarity.

Tina Blackwell Landa

Tina Blackwell Landa

Anyone on the fence needs to go for it! I'm just starting and it's awesome.

Tom Ewer<br />Leaving Work Behind

Tom Ewer
Leaving Work Behind

If you're interested in creating a successful service business, this is basically the instruction manual.

Yaritza Baez<br />Office Help Direct

Yaritza Baez
Office Help Direct

Michelle's courses have allowed me to pursue travel while growing my business at the same time.

Yfke Laanstra<br />Holistic Consultant

Yfke Laanstra
Holistic Consultant

I'm an absolute fan of the courses from VMF. Thanks Michelle, life just couldn't get any better ;-)

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