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    "Michelle has totally changed my life, honestly.”
    “One evening I sat on Twitter and made a start. That week I won 2 clients. What I am trying to say is, IT WORKED!”

    "My client intake has increased and my income doubled last month (my website was only launched for a week). "

    “Michelle is with you 100% of the way.”

    "I cannot express sufficiently my admiration in what Michelle has managed to achieve and that she has delivered it with passion, humour and huge amounts of patience. "
    "The course is truly unique."
    "The VA Apprentice course exceeded all my expectations and is probably one of the most worthwhile investments that I have ever made."
    "If you really care about your professionalism and wish to be amongst the best then this is the “no compromise” course of a lifetime.”
    “I exceeded my own expectations of myself with Michelle’s, ever present, care and support.”

    “Michelle is an awesome mentor. Her advice is honest, factual and it works. Going through the course there were times when I had my doubts if it would work but... It does.”

    “This is the most unique and special course that I have ever done in my life.”

    "She has brought out the best in each of us, things we strove for and things that we previously had not even aspired to."
    "I spent hours searching the internet for similar VA programs and couldn’t find anything that even remotely came close to what Michelle offers in her program."
    "This program has definitely exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start their own successful Virtual Assistant business."
    "I have completed a few courses over the years as a entrepreneur and business owner but none, absolutely none as inspiring or totally unique as the TVAA course!!"
    "There is nothing else that even compares to TVAA in its creative approach, its support, coaching and sheer brilliance."
    "I have a business that I am absolutely so proud of"
    "Blown away by her willingness to go the extra mile and ultra efficient manner."
    "The tools and support that Michelle and her team provide throughout the course are amazing and make it an incredible value!"
    "Completing the course has enabled me to follow my dream of living abroad as a digital nomad and I am now happily based in Crete, Greece."
    "I think I had been expecting simply to learn what equipment I would need and what sort of software to use. The course encompasses much more - everything."
    "I can honestly say that the course opened my eyes."
    "Not only is the course exceptional, but the level of support from Michelle was immense."
    "To Michelle – I cannot amply express my gratitude for what you have done for me and my business."
    "The single most meaningful investment I’ve ever made."
    "Michelle’s very own guiding hand I’ve been given not just instructions, but ideas."
    "If you can give her a seed of thought, she can develop it into something truly remarkable."
    "Michelle is an excellent mentor/business woman. She never makes you feel silly when you need help and gets back to you asap."
    "This training is unique because it is so hands on, in depth and content rich to the maximum!"
    "I could never repay you for all that you have done for me and I will always sing your praises because they are well deserved."
    "Once you begin this course you realize very quickly that you are on a whole different plane – this is no ordinary learning experience."
    "If you have been considering the VA Apprentice to build your business model or revamp where you are and gain FOCUS, DO IT!"

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    Virtually Anywhere Apprentice 

    6-Figure Business Model - Blueprint, Build, Support. 

    You’ll learn a unique, and proven, 6 figure online service business model from start to finish, taking you through step-by-step all the tools, systems, documentation, templates, marketing, project management and organisational strategies I have used to develop Virtual Miss Friday into a sizeable, healthy consulting and virtual assistant business, which – and this is vitally important – I am able to step away from when I need to, and it still generates income – no other virtual business programme provides such a comprehensive, in-depth practical hands-on support service, or unique business model to follow. 

    How This Programme Works

    The 7 modules for this self-paced programme are the blueprint for the entire business, giving you full control over the pace at which you take the programme. Each module contains 5 individual "sessions" which will allow you to take the course in bite-size pieces. The sessions include Video, Audio, Presentation and Transcription of the programme content. There is also a step-by-step action list at the end of each module to allow you to fully implement what you've learned. Many of the modules include supplementary tutorials, information and support instructions inside the Min-tranet.

    Apprentice :: Module 1 :: Preparing Yourself

    1.1 Setting Yourself Up

    1.2 Success System

    1.3 Personal Goals

    1.4 7 Biggest Mistakes

    1.5 Oracles Of Wisdom

    This module is going to ease you in to the programme. It will provoke thought, motivate and allow you to really think about what you would like to get out of this whole experience. It will also give you a chance to get to know me a little better, and how my own VA business came about. I will give you insight into my own personal goals (which I hope will help you set yours) and how long it took me to achieve them. You'll also learn the specific system that I use to ensure I'm making the right decisions in my business. This will give you a reference point for the decisions that you'll need to make about your business throughout the programme.

    Apprentice :: Module 2 :: Business Core

    2.1 The Business Models

    2.2 Laying The Foundation

    2.3 Client Profile Formula

    2.4 Pricing Your Services

    2.5 Paperless Business


    This is where we cover the foundation planning of the business, developing the core. I will take you through the creation of your business, and the types of VA company and business models that you can choose to develop - choosing the right model is essential to tailoring how you'll develop the business. We'll then work through the beginning steps of your business including your company name, tagline and then the formation of that company. We will be discussing client profiles and target markets, choosing and implementing rates, and all the systems and services you will need in order to run a paperless business.

    Apprentice :: Module 3 :: Online Presence

    3.1 Business Blueprint

    3.2 Branding and Design

    3.3 Copywriting

    3.4 Social Media

    3.5 SEO and Analytics

    This is where things start to get really fun! This is where you get to develop the ideas and input creative inspiration into your brand and online identity. I will walk you through my very effective online business blueprint, which if followed correctly will set you apart from the rest of the VA’s and help you implement a “Purple Cow’ internet business to be proud of. We’ll go through SEO, Analytics, Branding, Design, Web Copy and Social Media. We'll map out everything you need in order to look visually stunning and put yourself out there like a true pro! In the "Build" section of the programme (if you choose this optional upgrade), we'll start turning the creative ideas that come out of this module into a reality with the Creative and Technical Team in-house at Virtual Miss Friday.

    Apprentice :: Module 4 :: Marketing Mission

    4.1 Capturing Your Market

    4.2 Blogging Strategy

    4.3 Content Marketing Strategy

    4.4 Social Media Strategy

    4.5 Marketing Toolbox

    Generating leads is one of the hardest parts of getting your foot well and truly on the virtual assistant ladder - and not only that, it's essential for the ongoing development of your business to get you to the point where you're feeling secure and comfortable. This module is dedicated to just and ONLY generating leads! When you start your journey, your potential clients will usually come from lead generation, which you can then endeavour to convert into clients (and I'll show you how to do that bit in the next module) - but for now we’ll go through how to generate leads through list building, blogging, content marketing, networking and social media and then I have a toolbox of 10 other methods of obtaining leads for your VA practise if you want to try other options.

    Apprentice :: Module 5 :: Securing Clients

    5.1 Customer Service

    5.2 Appointment Mechanism

    5.3 Leads to Appointments

    5.4 Appointments to Potential Clients

    5.5 Potential Clients to Clients

    This is where we you’ll learn my unique strategy (which I based on my formula for winning at chess) on how to convert the leads you generate from the techniques in the previous module into paying clients. I walk you through the art of outstanding customer service, stage 1, 2 and 3 of how I have been successfully converting leads into clients since 2005, and the exact mechanism and system I use for “Appointments” and “Consultations” which is tailored to reading your leads and potential clients and then customising your approach to optimise your conversions.

    Apprentice :: Module 6 :: Money Management

    6.1 Accounting System

    6.2 Customer Relationships

    6.3 Estimates and Invoicing

    6.4 Incentive Programmes

    6.5 Maximising Income

    By the end of this module you'll have an awesome system for quickly and efficiently handling clients from the word 'go'. Also as CRM and accounting go hand-in-hand in this business, I take you through each stage of setting up a money management system and then handling your clients through it. You’ll learn how you can keep detailed records efficiently and effectively (and I'm going to share why this is so important and certain things that cannot be overlooked) to ensure that you're running a professional practise which is geared up for ongoing development. You'll even learn how to maximise your income and earn an income from your business above and beyond charging for services.

    Apprentice :: Module 7 :: Ongoing Operations

    7.1 Client Intake

    7.2 Delegation Options

    7.3 Systematic Processing

    7.4 Retaining Clients

    7.5 Success Fast-Track

    Once you have established your clients, you then need to know how to actually ‘work’ online with them in the most efficient and effective way possible. This comes with experience, and this is where I pass my experiences onto you. We start by going through the client intake procedure once the client has confirmed they would like to go ahead. We then go through the various methods that a client is able to delegate their tasks to you and how you can then delegate those if you have a team, using the Virtual Miss Friday method. We move onto how you can actually process your client assignments and manage workflow without feeling overwhelmed, and finally how you can increase your workload by using a follow-up procedure with the client.

    Then finally we move onto the conclusion, where I take you through what you need to do next to get your new business earning and flourishing as quickly as possible!

    The Virtually Anywhere Apprentice Min-tranet

    Inside this members area you have your very own "Mini Intranet".

    This Mini Intranet provides all the resources you need to be able to develop and grow your Virtual Assistant Business. It's a supplement to the modules, so you'll use this area as a resource for additional information and support during the programme. Treat it as a survival kit for tackling your business head on.

    This MIN-tranet acts as a reference point and helps with your research and planning, ongoing.

    We Can Build Your Business With You

    The most phenomenal and unique part of this experience is the optional build upgrade in the programme. This means you don't just learn the Virtual Miss Friday business model, we help you make it a reality by working with our in-house team to create a unique online presence!

    The build option is an in-programme upgrade that can be purchased separately in addition to the programme. You can upgrade for a one time fee or on a 6 or 12 month payment plan, allowing you to spread the cost of your website development. The optional upgrade requires an investment of £1997 and for this you will receive a value of well over £3000 of our own professional services. Many of the reasons why online service practises are breaking it and not making it, is down to a less than acceptable online presence. This is the reason why we have included the build upgrade option in the course – so there's no reason for your online presence to let you down.

    How It Works

    The website is built inside Adobe Business Catalyst and we have devised a special build programme specifically geared towards online service providers. Step-by-step creative guidelines are provided in the programme and you will be instructed every step of the way. The aim is to get you to create a vision of how you would like your business to look, and then we'll help you make that vision come to life online. We provide you with a fully serviced client area, and you'll also have access to all the VMF client documents and templates that we use in Virtual Miss Friday to service our clients, giving you valuable knowledge and insight - plus a complete team and client experience throughout the build process.

    Apprentice :: Build :: Phase 1

    1.A - Create Brand Guidelines

    1.B - Select A Theme

    1.C - Logo Customisation

    1.D - Google Apps Installation

    During Phase 1 we'll start to bring together the basic blueprint of the build that we can use and expand on during the following phases. This will include creating a design board, your brand guidelines, choosing your overall style and colours for your brand and customising a logo for your business, selecting a Business Catalyst theme for building your online business. (Training videos are provided on how to use the Business Catalyst system so you can maintain your website after the build is complete, even without prior knowledge of using it.)

    We'll also install Google Apps on your domain so you can begin working on setting up and organising core accounts and 3rd party services for your business.

    When you sign up for the build, within 48 hours, Monday-Friday you'll be issued with a welcome email with a login to your client area (this is the same client area we use to work directly with VMF clients) and we'll be using your client area in the online office to work with the Virtual Miss Friday team to build your website through the 'discussions' area. 

    Apprentice :: Build :: Phase 2

    2.A - Content Review & Editorial

    2.B - Marketing Cornerstone

    2.C - Scalable SEO Data Pack

    2.D - Social Media Design

    In phase 2, you'll be creating your web copy and then submitting that to our dedicated and experienced editor for a review and editorial, don't worry if you're not a great writer, we provide pointers and also a template guide you could follow if you're struggling, our editor will then send the copy back for your approval before adding it to your website.
    We'll also begin working with you on the cornerstone of your business, which will be the product you'll use to obtain leads, and add subscribers to your list. This could be one of several things, that you can create yourself or you can use the ones we provide inside the programme. In most cases this is an eBook, so you'll have several options for the design and customisation of your product graphic to fit in with your brand and website theme. 

    You'll then complete a series of questions that will allow our SEO team will get to work on your very own tailor-made SEO customisations. We will work with your unique individual business details and goals in order to come up with a realistic SEO target, this will include expertly optimised Meta Data and adding that Meta Data (page title, keywords and description) onto your website on 2 x pages. Our team specialises specifically in understanding the search engines, and we can provide you with everything you need to get your site digitally optimised. This option is scalable and if you intend to make SEO a primary part of your business development strategy, we can offer additional pages inside the programme.

    We'll also provide you with a custom social media design to match your brand and theme. This includes a Facebook timeline cover, a Twitter cover, a YouTube design, and a LinkedIn company page cover.

    Apprentice :: Build :: Phase 3

    3.A - Business Tools

    3.B - Marketing Tools

    3.C - Website Design Customisation

    3.D - Review and Going Live

    This is the final phase of the building process before we hand your new website back to you to start your promoting business! We'll be customising your site to your unique brand. This includes adding images, and organising the layout as per the programme guidelines. 

    During this phase we also collect all the external business elements that you would like to add to your site, these are of course optional and recommended in the programme so that your website is fully integrated and ready to use. We'll also add any marketing tools to your site such as social media widgets or comment plugins. Once you have approved the site we'll upgrade the Business Catalyst console and redirect your domain name so the site goes live. Once it's live, we'll install an app called "BC Backup" and take a back up of your website (instructions are provided in the app on how you can also take your own back ups in future, it's quick and easy, and doesn't require any special skills)

    By the end of Phase 3, you'll be ready to go with your entire online presence ready for action. During this phase you'll use the checklists provided to ensure that you have included all the necessary items you'll need for your website to function like a professional online business!

    Apprentice Graduate Badge & Black Book Directory

    *This option is only available to members who have completed the build upgrade where we have first-hand experience of working with them directly.

    Once you have completed the programme you will have the opportunity to be awarded “The Graduate Badge.” This badge can proudly be displayed on your website, blog and/or social media to show that you have invested a great deal of time and effort into building the foundation of a first-class online services company. 

    The Accreditation badge featured left is subject to final review from Michelle Dale, and will be subject to periodic review as well. We would like all of your clients and potential clients to understand and appreciate the substantial amount of work you have put in to achieve this award, and how you are continuously striving to improve your company and credibility online. If you are awarded this badge, your profile will be placed in "The Virtually Anywhere Black Book" - our directory of online service providers. We advise linking your badge back to your profile from your website. 

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