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    Workshifting Restructures Work Environments

    Have you ever thought for a moment what life would be like for your children, or for your children's children? In terms of technology and communication it’s really mind-boggling to do so; just look at what we have experienced in the past five or ten years in these areas, after all? We are seeing a fundamental change in the way that we live our lives, especially when it comes to our occupations. Now, we are starting to look at work in a very different light and realise that we don't have to commute to the office each and every day and can make use of these technological advances to engage in what has now become known as "workshifting." We can be more productive, more engaged and happier. So what's it all about?

    Article Titles:

    1. Will Workshifting Become Commonplace?
    2. Why Employers Should Trust The Workshifter
    3. Ever Considered A Workshifting Holiday?
    4. How To Arrange Your Home Office Space For Productivity
    5. As A Workshifter, What's Your Backup Plan?
    6. Time Management For The Workshifter
    7. Workshifting – How To Convince The Boss
    8. Consider The Repercussions Of Workshifting
    9. Fighting Loneliness And Isolation As A Workshifter
    10. What Are You Going To Do With Your 20%?

    Please note, the file is a single text file (.txt) which contains all of the articles and these articles are in UK English.

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