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    How To Deal With Awkward Clients

    In an ideal world we would all like to have a fruitful two-way relationship with each and every client. Yet we don't live in an ideal world and we may often have to deal with a variety of clients who expect too much, think they know better than we do, insist on taking shortcuts or generate a variety of other challenges. Let's explore how to deal with these people.

    Article Titles:

    1. Dealing With The Absent-Minded Professor (528 words)
    2. How To Deal With A Confused Client (501 words)
    3. Dealing With The Micromanager Expert (504 words)
    4. The Ungrateful Client - Be Careful What You Suggest (504 words)
    5. Why You Should Always Wear A White Hat And Be Suspicious Of Clients Who Encourage You Otherwise (514 words)

    Please note, the file is a single text file (.txt) which contains all of the articles and these articles are in UK English.
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