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    Blogging And The VA, A Perfect Match

    Whether it's a standalone initiative or integrated somehow into your current "money site," every online entrepreneur should understand how important it is to maintain a dynamic blog. Favoured by the search engines and designed to create a productive insight into your online world, blogs have become a crucial part of business today. However, it’s a serious commitment and will need a lot of time, on a regular basis. Perhaps more than any other area of your online business, this is the place to engage a competent, qualified and enthusiastic virtual assistant in your corner.

    Article Titles:

    1. Why Your Blog Must Be Dynamic - And What You Should Do About It (509 words)
    2. Why You Shouldn't Ask Your Mother If Your Blog Looks Nice (511 words)
    3. Do You Have Blogger's Block? (506 words)
    4. The Importance Of Persistency And Consistency (520 words)
    5. Is Your Tree Falling And Nobody's Hearing It? (517 words)
    6. Why You Should Serialise Your Opinion In Your Blogging Approach (503 words)
    7. Strategic Ways To Establish Your Blogging Credibility (516 words)
    8. Creative Planning For Your Blog Posts (535 words)
    9. What Happens When You Finally Realise That Delegation Is Not An Option (506 words)
    10. Why You Should Get Others To Help You Navigate Through The SEO Maze (509 words)

    Please note, the file is a single text file (.txt) which contains all of the articles and these articles are in UK English.

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