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Michelle's Top 10 amazing discoveries, from 10 years living on the road as a digital nomad.

10 Tips For Reducing Social Media Research Time When Content Sharing

Saturday, February 09, 2013

As part of our social media services we often need to source fresh, quality, on topic content for clients who would like us to use that content in their social media accounts. There are various ways to go about this, some very in depth, but if you're looking for some quick tips on how to source content and you don't mind doing a bit of sifting then these pointers will help save you time and your client money. 

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Wordpress VS Adobe Business Catalyst - An Online Business Perspective

Saturday, February 02, 2013

This isn't just another comparison between Wordpress and Adobe Business Catalyst. You see while there are a number of comparisons out there, the people making them are either website developers (mostly who specialise in Wordpress) or Bloggers. What this comparison is about is what system is more cost effective, more functional, easier to operate in day to day business administration, and what would be better to run an online business and not just a blog or a website. The thing is web developers are all about functionality and design - where as at Virtual Miss Friday, I'm all about the entire package - design, functionality and how the client will logistically and financially operate the business after the website is finished. 

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Michelle's Top 10 amazing discoveries, from 10 years living on the road as a digital nomad.